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ChirpOMatic birdsong app

ChirpOMatic: Automatic birdsong recognition

ChirpOMatic is the most advanced app for automatic bird song identification - it's like Shazam® for bird songs and calls! It is our newest app and we are full of exciting ideas for its future development.

Chirp bird song app

Chirp! The original birdsong apps

The Chirp! range of bird song apps are designed to help you learn and identify bird songs and calls.

Bird Guide app with songs and calls

Nature Guides: Identify and record birds and butterflies

Suitable for everyone from complete beginners to keen birders, our Nature Guide series of apps helps you to quickly identify birds and butterflies when you are out and about.

We are a well established software business, developing software on biological themes since 2000. We moved into app development when the App Store started in 2008 and since then we have specialised in bird apps, bird song apps, and butterfly apps for iOS devices - the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the Apple Watch. Our apps are popular and have been awarded the accolade of being selected by Apple for use in a number of their promotions and on their website.

We specialise in bird and butterfly apps: Chirp! was our first app and it has remained our most popular. Separate versions are now available featuring bird songs and calls of Europe, the United States, and Canada. They do not aim to be comprehensive lists of all bird songs and calls - that is the role of our more general bird guides - but each version includes a very large number of carefully selected sounds that are the most useful to learn, with quizzes and a slideshow to help learn and identify the songs and calls easily.

From the time that Chirp! was launched, we received requests from customers to develop an automatic birdsong identifier, a 'Shazam-style' app for birdsong. We kept this in mind, and as soon as the technology was ready, we made ChirpOMatic. We knew that the automatic app would need to do the analysis on the device, so that it could be used anywhere, and it is only in the past couple of years that devices have been powerful enough to cope.

Our Nature Guide range includes apps for identifying birds and butterflies in Europe. The apps include a carefully selected range of images for each species, descriptions, and features for recording sightings. The bird guides also include a comprehensive range of bird songs and calls.

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