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The Chirp! family of apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad feature the songs and calls of birds from Western Europe, the USA, and Canada. They are designed to help you learn and identify bird sounds.

Listen to the songs, read the helpful tips, then try the quiz to test your memory. Answer fast to earn a score multiplier and get on the high score table!

And when you need a rest, try the slideshow feature - choose which birds to include, maybe add background bird song, then simply lean back and relax! But the slideshow feature can also help you learn in an informal way - switch the voiceover on, and try to name the sound before the voiceover announces it.

Key features:
  • Your location is checked on first start-up to load the correct bird data
  • A map screen allows birds from different areas to be compared
  • High quality sounds and stunning photos
  • Variations of songs are included for some birds
  • Links to Wikipedia and (USA and Canada only) Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • Quiz with three levels of difficulty - suitable for all the family
  • Custom quiz for perfecting your identification skills
  • Sort by commonness
  • Sort by song style
  • Search birds by name
  • Mark your favourites
  • Simple to use, with an attractive interface

The current range includes:

Chirp! USA features birds from across continental USA.

Chirp! Canada features birds from across Canada, and includes bird names in French and English

Chirp! Europe features birds of north-west Europe. It is available in English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian and with bird names also in a number of other languages. The app runs in the main language of your iPod/iPhone but you can choose a language for the bird names in the app settings.

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